Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wild tales, Argentine movie

I truly believe is nearly impossible to find such a coruscating screenplay as the one filmmaker Damián Szifrón has written for his movie Wild Tales that is to represent Argentina in the race to win the  Oscar on Best Foreign Language Film at next Academy Awards, therefore, I would love to see it nominated in the best original screenplay too as Wild Tales is superbly written, witty, original and brilliant. Wild Tales

Hollywood studios do have a fierce competitor this year although when a movie is not penned in English people tend to underrate it. 

Screenwriting and direction aside, Wild Tales contains great acting too, there are also two famous faces, Ricardo Darin and Leonardo Sbaraglia.

Wild tales Argentine movie
  Wild tales movie Ricardo Darín

Inside Wild tales we find characters that are from diverse backgrounds, age, condition all of them are ordinary but what is more, all of them show us that things are established in a particular way, yet perhaps should be otherwise. 

All 6 adventures of Wild Tales are to shock you and at the same time you are to be amused. In fact, both its opening and ending are unforgettable, splendid, amongst the best I have never seen. 
Wild Tales, Argentinian movie
Wild Tales Argentinian movie

Wild Tales, Argentinian movie

Wild tales is a wonderful movie, I recommend it to everybody. Have you watched it? Do share, rate or comment. Wild Tales