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The title of this post is songs of 2013, it is not "best songs of the year" because there is a wide range of musical styles, tastes, musicians, artists and even countries to say such a self-conceited statement, as a result, this list will no be better than other nor worse than the one I did last year. I humbly want to make a good list with songs the reader can widely enjoy. I hope you can have a good time reading it. Updated Best songs of 2013

There are pop songs, rock songs, metal songs, hip-hop, indie and even electronic music that can represent the musical year 2013. Please, If somebody asks you where the hell has you been able to find this list bereft of economical interest only to make you spiritually better Just answer: Halcombe Norilsk indeed!!! Best songs of 2012
                                        SONGS OF 2013

When a fire starts to burn by Disclosure
when a fire starts to burn, the song that has surprised me a lot, It is irresistible to feel something good while listening to it.


When a fire starts to burn Disclosure

Black Skinhead by Kanye West 
Black Skinhead is in my opinion the best song of the year. The album of Kanye West Yeezus is incredible, another splendid song is New Slaves but this one is incredibly brilliant.

Black Skinhead Kanye West

Heartbreaker by Motorhead
Lemmy is still alive, to prove that

Lemmy Motorhead

Do I wanna know? by Arctic Monkeys
One of my favourites this year, Arctic Monkeys

Do I Wanna Know Arctic Monkeys

Supersoaker by Kings of Lion
Another good rock song, Kings of Lion is one of the best rock bands

Supersoaker Kings of Lion

Can´t Hold us Down by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Macklemore has produced a bunch of good songs, this is one of them.


Forever by Haim
Haim is my favourite new band of 2013, some of their songs were made in 2012 but the her debut album has been out this 2013, you can read a full story about HAIM in the following link they are 3 sisters from California.


The Next Day by David Bowie
David Bowie was not retired, he was not dead. This videoclip with Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman proves that, there is another great song with Tilda Swinton called as Stars are out tonight. you also can see the advertisement of David Bowie For Louis Vuitton here.

                                      David Bowie The Next Day

Get Lucky by Daft Punk 

The favorite´s song of everyone, everything works on Get Lucky.


Get Lucky Daft Punk

The Mother we Share by CHVRCHES

Chvrches are from Scotland, this is their first album


You make me by Avicii

Wake me up by Swedish DJ Avicii has been praised but I particularly find this videoclip and song very funny. Anyway, Avicii is one of the best Dj´s in the world

Avicii You make me

Stoned and Starving by Parquet Courts

The melody of the guitar sounds just perfect


                                             Parquet Courts

Despair by Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs
Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a really interesting band. In fact, I have been doubting which song to choose as they have produced many this year.

Despair Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Fox by Ylvis

These Norwegian brothers did only want to promote their television programme, instead they have produced the most funny and popular videoclip of 2013: The Fox

The Fox Ylvis

Survival by Eminem
Eminem´s come back is full of good songs. Survival has been selected but any of his last album could have been included.

Eminem Survival

Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend
Indie Rock band Vampire Weekend are from New York City

Vampire Weekend

Pompei by Bastille
I discovered them playing at Glastonbury, I love this song, they are from London.

Pompei Bastille

If I had a Tail by Queens of the Stone Age
I love how the song starts. Great!!!

If I had a tail Queens of the stone age

Hard Out Here by Lily Allen
Perhaps not as funny nor as good as Not Fair but on the list nonetheless as we are talking of Lily Allen

Lily Allen Hard Out Here

Applause by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga´s new disc has not been so praised as expected but its main single is good and the videoclip even better

Lady Gaga Applause

Pour it Up by Rihanna
Rihanna´s last album was out in 2012 but the videoclip of Pour It Up was unveiled on September, 2013. the raunchiest of this year if you want to discover more things about it

                               Rihanna Pour It Up

On top of the world by Imagine Dragons

I have discovered this band in 2013, one of its best songs is this one

Imagine Dragons

Cut me some slack by Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney and Kris Novoselic
If somebody misses Kurt Cobain Paul McCartney can fit perfectly.

Nirvana Paul McCartney

We Exist by Arcade Fire
The Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire is to perform at Glastonbury


Arcade Fire

Love is a bourgeois construct by Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys still teaches us important lessons 

Pet Shop Boys

Blurred Lines by Robert Thicke
Blurred Lines for good or worst, has been making headlines all year long and Emily Ratajkowski a star


Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
You only want to dance when listening to Safe and Sound

Slow down by Selena Gomez  

Let me include here Selena Gomez, a nice, beautiful good girl that makes music without looking for cheap controversy even though she was a Disney Girl too. Slow Down is a good song.

Selena Gomez

We are going home by Drake
Canadian Artist Drake is included in this list  with his hit We are going home


Royals by Lorde 
There is not top 5 in the world without this song, here she is the New Zealand artist Lorde

Lorde Royals

Love me Again by John Newman
A very catchy pop song.

God is dead by Black Sabbath
A long but a wonderful song by Gods of Hard Rock Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath God Is Dead

Love and Meth by Korn
Metal band Korn has reintroduced its guitarist Head.


Timber by Pitbull and Kesha
Kesha and Pitbull, Nobody could have imagined the mixture let alone the good result


Kesha Timber

Work Bitch by Britney Spears
One of the few honest artist this year, If you want something you will have to work hard for it.

Work Bitch Britney Spears

Hope you have enjoyed this list, have a good time.Do Share, rate or comment