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The Counselor and Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz at Paris press conference for Knight & Day held in Bordeaux, July 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I just first saw The Counselor movie trailer I deemed it as the most important motion picture of the current year. Which project can say it contains Javier Bardem, Michael Fassbender, Cameron Díaz, Penélope Cruz, Brad Pitt within its cast being written by the author of No Country for old men and The Road, Cormac McCarthy, being directed as well by Ridley Scott?

As secondary actors,  we also have: Bruno Ganz that left us speechless when he work on German movie Der Untergang (Downfall) acting as a declining Adolf Hitler, the brilliant Rosie Pérez who was the main star of Alex de la Iglesia movie Perdita Durango also with Javier Bardem therein and the superb Natalie Dormer who renders a perfect interpretation in Game of Thrones as the new wife of sadistic king Joffrey.

                        THE COUNSELOR 

Everything was promising and even though a story about drugs it is not the most original issue in the world it always involve solid stories of struggle and power. However, when I read the first articles about it I did not remember a movie with such negative reviews and so much unitiy between them, Time Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone... The Counselor was panned by movie reviewers. I consequence,  I went to see The Counselor a little bit frightened but the result is not so bad and it turned out to be a positive experience.

What is more, the performance of Cameron Díaz on The Counselor is so fabulous that she deserves to be nominated to Golden Globes and Oscars (Winning them too) She has never had good luck with the movie roles she has been into and thanks to this particular one she has reached her highest peak. Couple world of Javier Bardem and Cameron Díaz is of an easy life, plenty of luxury, wealth, power, ostentation. On the other hand, couple Michael Fassbender and Penélope Cruz are much more humble and modest, yet the main protagonist played by Michael Fassbender wants to change it for once and forever. There are some sexy, hot scenes with Penélope Cruz and Cameron Diaz as the one in the car within The Counselor that have been widely talking of but they are not so special as a matter of fact.

                      Cameron Díaz The Counselor car scene

It is said Michael Fassbender renders such an incredible performance on the movie 12 years of Slavery that he can obtain the biggest recognition of this cinematographical year, he is no so perfect here though, neither Penelope Cruz. Brad Pitt is Ok. What makes The Counselor dazzle is the two performances of Cameron Diaz and Javier Bardem.

Some said  that the narrative language of an screenplay it is not the proper matter for a novelist like for Normac MacCarthy and can be true. The Counselor is a dense movie that does not move fast and it is as if it were made of Eight or Nine conversations, independent each of them, show something philosopical, to instruct you, not all of them achieve its purpose, besides, the directing and the screenplay go different ways in the sense that they are not very good connected. It promises  more of what finally gives you but features without fail on many ways  having an interesting ending.


Even though the language of the screenplay is dissimilar to of an screenplay the movie in the end is not so horrible, in my opinion The Counselor is well arranged and developed, it is true that given they have such important actors they should have formed a big great one but The Counselor it is not a failed movie nor so negative. Perhaps some people are to dislike it because it is even too intellectual and moves slow, notwithstanding you can enjoy a harsh tale with some great scenes. Likewise, to discover the character and performance of Cameron Díaz. To sum up,  The Counselor has numerous positive aspects amongst them

Cameron Diaz!!! as her performance is brilliant and deserves recognition

 Cameron Diaz
Cameron Díaz The Counselor 

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