Thursday, 10 October 2013

Emily Ratajkowski.

If the racy, sleazy, sordid yet widely popular videoclip of Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines, pop music cum soft porn had something interesting was the discovery of an unknown model named Emily Ratajkowski who is the protagonist of this story, she appeared naked on the unrated version of Blurred Lines (although Emily Ratajkowski has not many clothes on within the official version either) both of them can be found here regardless.

                    Emily Ratajkowski from Blurred Lines to stardom

Emily Ratajkowski has become a new sensation and her career is turning suddenly into a success, she has just been selected to appear on the next David Fincher movie Gone Girl alongside Ben Affleck to whom she will have a relationship, the movie is  inspired on the novel written by Gillian Flynn, Emily Ratajkowski has lots of projects, without going any further, experts say she is the new fashion sensation of 2013. On the other hand, she has faced several problems as her breasts are so big that many brands do not want to hire her something unbelievable. 

Others say her size was the result of plastic surgery but Emily Ratajkowski posted on Twitter pictures of herself when she was 14 years old and everybody has agreed she has not gone under the knife. She was born in London but Emily Ratajkowski was raised on the state of California, her parents are both artists, her father is from Poland and her mother is a British teacher and writer. 
                           Emily Ratajkowsky, 2013 model sensation.

Prior to her successful video Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke Emily Ratajkowski was in one of Maroon Five called Love Somebody also she appeared on two episodes of a television series named iCarly and also on New Girl. She now wants to focus on fashion and become a household name. Her full name is Emily O´Hara Ratajkowski
Hot model Emily O´Hara Ratajkowski was going to decline her part on Blurred Lines, finally she was convinced something she will never regret as has given her notoriety and instant fame. Now you are able to see the best pictures of Emily Ratajkowski the new star born in 2013 who you are to heard of a lot in the future.   

                                                    Emily Ratajkowski
                                                            Picture of Emily Ratajkowski